HSCC is a four-person consulting firm with extensive experience developing high-performance mixed-signal PCBs, systems, and sub-systems, as well as high-performance ASICs and FPGAs.


  • High-speed ASIC, Verilog, testbench, synthesis, and P&R
  • High-performance, mixed-signal PCB and systems, signal integrity, P&R, PLLs, RF, D/A, A/D, filters, antennas, FPGA, and photonics
  • DSP, digital terrestrial, satellite, and cable communications, wireless,  and FEC
  • Protocols, networking protocols, cache coherency / multiprocessor design, cryptography, packet processing, PCI, MIPS, and X86
  • SW Development, UNIX driver development, RTOS, CAD development, assembly, C, C++, and high-performance databases


Jim Jackson - 15 years of high-speed ASIC design, chip validation & verification, project management, networking protocols, FPGA, multiprocessor design, ECC, & UNIX device driver development

Mark Peting - 22 years of high-speed ASIC design, high-speed PCB design, DSP, FPGA, A/D & D/A, multiprocessor design, ECC, networking protocols, digital communications, FEC, cryptography, and photonics

Steve Waltman - 22 years of high-performance RF design, A/D & D/A, photonics, DSP, filter design, PLLs, antennas, satellite communications, wireless communications, and metrology

Dale Beyer - 8 years of high-performance digital design, DSP, photonics, FPGA, PCB design, ATPG, multiprocessor design, and PCI